Wednesday, 2 May 2012


In an ideal world we would all live on a couple of acres and have access to everything you need to have a successful vegetable garden to encourage sustainable living.

I am a "greenie" at heart but have always been quite lazy about it. Mr G and I have visions of grandeur. We imagine ourselves river cottagesque - only ever eating things grown in our own garden, drinking organic beer whilst watching our children play in the yard in their bamboo cotton clothes.

Instead I find myself thinking - how annoying that you have to wash the vegemite out of the jar before recycling it! Really? That's absurd! I need sunlight to dry my nappies, when there is a dryer? What the?

Since I have unloaded a couple of things and organised my life a little better I have more time to make our house more eco-friendly. On our immediate to do list is:

> Monthly meal planning to assist in less wastage and use fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season.
> Taking care of our vegie garden instead of expecting it to take care of itself.
> Buying some reusable snack containers - instead of glad bags!
> Recycling EVERYTHING that I can. Including vegemite jars.
> Less car use. 
> Use vegies from the garden.
> Using reusable nappies and wipes FULL time with new baby. 

Our long term goals include:

> Chickens!
> Solar power.
> Water tanks.

I have included some photos of our vegie garden (from December!), unfortunately we seem to have many problems with animals (possums? slugs? rats?) eating everything but we WILL solve this problem! 

Any suggestions or helpful hints? 

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