Wednesday, 16 May 2012

19 things you NEED to know

Pardon? What did you say? You want to know more about me? Well since you ask - here is a comprehensive list of all things you didn't even realise you wanted to know about me.

> Mr G and I got together when I was 17.
> My star sign is Cancer.
> I go MENTAL if I don't have me time.
> I am interested in tarot.
> I dream of being more crafty (watch this space).
> I love the Real Housewives of any city.
> I hate cats.
> I think french fries dipped in thick shake should be classified as a meal.
> I believe ALL people who love each other should be able to get married.
> I hate not making my own money.
> I am obsessed with Tori Spelling and her family.
> If I try to stick up for myself, I always make things worse!
> I snore like a mutha trucker.
> I hate gardening, the stupid weeds just grow back!
> I care TOO much about what other people thing.
> My favorite singer is P!nk.
> I love yoga.
> I am in awe of the fact that getting poo or boogers on my person does not bother me in the slightest anymore.
> I currently have 2059 photos on my iPhone. 

Don't you love how instagram gives you a nice glow in photos? I look like an angel! right? 

I would love to hear something random about you - share with the world! 


  1. I LOVE the fact that you snore like a mofo!

    I also find Tori Spelling strangely compelling.

    My least favourite bodily fluid is snot. Gross.

    PS. For the meditating group, send a message to Kirri at and she will add you to the group.

    1. Only when pregnant Lee - only when pregnant. The snoring that is! :)

  2. My random things are:
    I hate the white bits on nails.
    I love to clean, but hate to tidy.
    I also snore like a motha trucker lol

    1. OMG we are meant to be married. I always knew it. I am a good tidier but a bad cleaner (or a putter offer cleaner?)!