Monday, 14 January 2013

This motherhood place

How easy it is to get lost in this place.

This motherhood place.

The shoulds, the coulds, the better do this, can't do that.

How easy it is to lose the bits of you that make you - you.

Falling, failing, losing the fight.


No destination.


No worries.

Senses take over.

Feeling the wind, the chill, the rain.

Hearing passing cars.

Tasting the freedom.

Outrunning that black cloud.

Will not let it catch me.

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Pet peeves

Well I am already a day behind! Oops.

We are selling our house and things are crazy around here trying to prepare everything! Any advice for a first time home seller person? I think I am going to go mental over the coming weeks!

Anyway - today's prompt is pet peeves. It's hard to thing of these things on the spot but something Mr G has been doing today has been DOING MY HEAD IN.

Instead of putting something away (today was downsizing Miss S' bedroom) properly, he will quickly push something to a corner out of the way. This drives me CRAZY!

Just put it away properly you stupid man!

Please share your pet peeves so I don't feel so lonely!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I am joining in with a blogging challenge, because I simply will not have enough to do in January and I do find it hard to blog on a regular basis.

I love to write, I love updating people with my goings on, and I love the HUGE online community that blogging brings.

Today's blogging prompt is two.

Well you see, I made these two things, these two fabulous things. They are hard work, but oh they make my life worthwhile.

Thing 1

A fanastically hilarious, cheeky, fashionista, know it all.
Thing 2
A calm, easygoing, lovely natured babe.
Without these two things my life would not be worth living. Before kids I could never see what the fuss was about. Now I realise the joy, the love, the excitement that little people bring to the world.
I know the poo, the spit, the birthing pain and late nights are not for everyone but for everyone one of those things there is a special laugh, a look of amazement at discovering something new, a cheeky grin and a "I love you Mummy" with a slobbery kiss.
They have helped discover more about life, more about my body, more about myself than I ever thought possible.
These two.
These fabulous two.
Ta ta for now.
DISCLAIMER: I suppose I did have a hand in making these two, problem is I can't figure out if it was the mailman, the milkman or the lawn man.