Friday, 4 January 2013

Pet peeves

Well I am already a day behind! Oops.

We are selling our house and things are crazy around here trying to prepare everything! Any advice for a first time home seller person? I think I am going to go mental over the coming weeks!

Anyway - today's prompt is pet peeves. It's hard to thing of these things on the spot but something Mr G has been doing today has been DOING MY HEAD IN.

Instead of putting something away (today was downsizing Miss S' bedroom) properly, he will quickly push something to a corner out of the way. This drives me CRAZY!

Just put it away properly you stupid man!

Please share your pet peeves so I don't feel so lonely!


  1. My husband leaves crap all over the kitchen bench and it gradually takes over the whole bench - drives me crazy!!!!!
    Ah, I feel better now for sharing that. :)

  2. My husband will not throw away an empty packet or box of food. He'll leave dregs or crumbs and then put it back in the pantry or fridge. Either finish off the pack or just throw it out! Drives me insane!!!

  3. LOL My husband will take something out from the pantry or cupboards and put it straight back but in a totally different spot - so i go looking for a snack or a dish and can't find it .... if you know where you took it from how hard is it to put it back there for the next person LOL