Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cockatoos and decisions made

I have been struggling a little lately about what to do with my life. I find it it so hard to let go and just enjoy being a mother because I feel like I need to plan for my future. 

I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) via correspondence. This degree covers ages 0 to 8 years so I figured I could teach at a preschool or at a primary school. Unfortunately, I have been finding it difficult to study online and I don't feel like it's the right way to study for me.

So I decided to try to attend university here in NSW once my new bubs is old enough. Only catch is the NSW degree only covers 0 - 5 years so that limits my career options. So to continue with Early Childhood or move onto primary?

I wanted to share with you how I found the answer...

I walked to pick Stella up from her kindy yesterday and we had to walk up to the shops. Stella is (mostly) very cooperative and I allow her a little freedom when walking so she is always very well behaved! 

Except for this day. 

Tantrum city. 

Molars. I hate them (they are the devil! DEVIL!!!). Once we cuddled and sung ALOT I knew I would have to use distraction techniques all the way home.

It was dusk so all the local cockys were out and making a ruckous! I pointed some out and we went on a hunt trying to spot more. 

Stella loved pointing them out! I decided that this distraction technique was working!

Next step - flapping like birds down the highway on the way home. Sometimes you just have to let your shame go!

THEN we found a feather! Perfect! We talked about wings and how they help the cockys fly. 

Once we got home we googled images and videos and watched them in the wild, playing guitars and even dancing to Backstreet Boys (he was good!)

To finish off we videoed ourselves making cocky noises! Here is the finished product for you:

We relayed our stories and lessons learnt to Daddy when he got home. 

I was so proud that I managed to let go of any hang ups about myself and just go with it, finding things to elaborate more on what we were learning and just having fun! 

The wonder, the excitement, the fun, the shame (or lack of it) - of course this is the age group I want to work with.

Once bubs is born, I will start studying again but for now I start my life as a "cheater" SAHM (I work as a bookkeeper too!)

I am apprehensive and nervous but also so excited and I have started to feel so much more relaxed about my life now. 

I look forward to sharing more toddler lessons (for both me and Stella) in the near future.

Ciao for now.

T x

PS. Normally I would have about 50million photos to share with you but I was too focused on  Stella to even think about it! :)


  1. T! WOnderful how a 'distraction' turned into something so meaningflu and possibly life changing for you - and Stella. As an early years teacher, I can tell you now that what I read above shows you know how to listen - REALLY listen. You are in tune with your child. You are patient. You are creative. You can think like a child (flying like a cocky is fun!) You really are needed in education as it is today. We need people who believe that children are people too and deserve to be listened to. lol.

    Hope you dont mind me suggesting a few ideas for exploring this wonderful interest of stella's. "owl babies" - incredible book. the idea of flying - go for that! looking from high up - can you go to a look out? lie down on the ground in a park on a good day - listen, stare at the sky , you may be lucky and a bird soars above! kite flying is great - better if you can watch someone or make a very simple kite she can just run with, steamers, ribbons, wind sock. Keep going! You rock!

  2. I certainly won't claim to perfect Sair, but I do feel really proud of myself for doing this! :)

    T x