Monday, 12 November 2012

Walking Contradiction

One of my favourite bands in the universe is Green Day. They brighten my mood and take me back to my teenage years frequently! Their song walking contradiction reminds me that I am quite the anomaly!

When I was setting up this blog I got a little stuck with my profile page - who am I? Every time I would think up a "label" I realised I wasn't quite this "label" or that "label". I am a walking contradiction.

* I am a hippy who loves V8s.
* I am a sugar hater who loves chocolate and lollies.
* I am a fitness freak who loves slothing around the house.
* I am a greenie who sometimes can't be stuffed sorting the recycling.
* I am a mum who loves nothing better than being alone.
* I am a minimalist who loves her "stuff".
* I am a buddhist who kills spiders and insects.
* I am a wholefood chef who loves fast food.
* I am a yogi who can not get my deep breathing right.

Who am I really?

What I really want to know is - do you fit in a box? Who are you?

'til next time!



  1. You have just made me realise how many contraditions there are in my life as well. Oh dear!!!

  2. heheh, I am sure killing spiders and insects has to be an exception.

    Argh, 3 tries so far with captcha!

    1. Otherwise we are all destined for hell!

      I hope not!

  3. When I was trying to come up with a name for my blog a few years ago I was stumped and then something my Mum said to me one day just popped in to my head. She said (in a exasperated tone, we must have been having a bad day with one another!) "You are such a study in contradictions!". And I knew then and there that would be the perfect name for my blog. And my band if I ever have one. So I know exactly what you mean because I am, true to my blog title!

    1. How fabulous!

      Thanks for sharing Kylie. :)

  4. Hahahaha I could have written this myself! x

    1. So I am an individual who isn't even an individual? ;)