Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A tribute to the most awesomest babe in the world!

So we had a rocky start, but Miss P must be the BEST baby in the whole world. She has been so much more laid back then Miss S was as a babe.

She "plays" on her own on the floor, she puts herself to sleep and sleeps over 10hrs most nights. We are very blessed. Very.

After rocking Miss S to sleep for most of the first year of her life, it seems we have really lucked out this time. Or did we learn from our mistakes?

I never tire of hearing silence after putting her down and go in for a peek and she is asleep.

Sleep gods, if you can hear me - thank you, thank you so much and I promise I will never take this for granted. Please never take this easy going baby away from me. Please?

I am serious. Please don't take it away. Ever.

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