Tuesday, 6 November 2012

7 Nos in 7 days

Okay kiddies - it's been a week! A week!

Just so you can appreciate how hard this has been for me so far, here is a detailed list of the things I have turned down so far:

1. New "jogging" music from iTunes.
2. Many many cute outfits for the girls (see below)

Can you imagine how freakin ADORABLE my girls would look in these outfits!

3. Kikki-K released their Christmas range!
4. Charlie & Me had an online sale for swimwear and Pippa NEEDS swimmers!
5. A FABULOUS market find dress for myself.
6. New (used) cloth nappies from a friend.
7. A new Kitchenaid cookbook (the one I bought is RUBBISH. So RUBBISH)

My sister has also been reminding me that she is NOT participating in NO spend NOvember and showing me the photos of said purchased items. Can anyone say Beeeeeeeatch?

What have you missed out on buying this week?

1st outfit is from Bella Boheme http://www.facebook.com/bohemian1?fref=ts 
2nd is from Dashes of Love http://www.facebook.com/DashesofLove?fref=ts 
3rd is from The Kitchen Table http://www.facebook.com/thekitchentable.1

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