Thursday, 22 March 2012

10 Things I Have Learnt Today

  1. Just because you are full doesn't mean you don't need another hot cross bun.
  2. Just because the bedroom door is shut doesn't mean she is asleep.
  3. Just because you think it will be a quick trip to the shops doesn't mean it will be.
  4. Just because you are considerate of other drivers doesn't mean others are considerate of you.
  5. Just because you are excited to get out of the house doesn't mean said driver won't make you cry.
  6. Just because your 2 year old usually is a dream when shopping doesn't mean she always will be.
  7. Just because you can threaten said 2 year old with no purchase of flashing lights slippers does not mean she will do what you want.
  8. Just because you are generally fit and healthy doesn't mean you should carry 2 year old around around a Westfield.
  9. Just because you ate McDonalds whilst 2 year old is asleep in the car, doesn't mean it actually happened. 
  10. I can make impulsive shopping purchases that work. Orange + me = match made in heaven. Even if you think I look ridiculous, let me live with my delusions for one more day PLEASE.

What did you learn today?

1 comment:

  1. Love it!!! And Love the Sunnies!!!! :)
    Today i learnt that:
    When my 1 year old wakes at 530 i have buckleys of him going back to sleep.
    Telling hubby to take his time at the pub because i thought i would sleep elsewhere was a very bad idea.