Friday, 2 March 2012

Our Play 'Philosphy'

I have no professional experience (yet!) but here at the G household, we believe in play. Quiet play, noisy play, messy play - all kinds of fun. We try to let Miss S guide us but I also find lots of ideas from various mum websites.

I don't like to impose too many restrictions, but I must say sometimes when I see the mess (ie. rice EVERYWHERE) I have to restrain my inner OCD. I try to put down mats or drop sheets to capture the mess and make cleaning up easier.

Miss S also makes mess but she helps clean it too. I think thats an important lesson to teach - you can have as much fun as you like (providing you aren't hurting yourself or others) but we do need to clean up afterwards.

I thought I would share a couple of messy things we have done (in photos).

Likes to paint herself!

Chalk drawing on back pavement

This one was hard for me - a rainmaker. This is S inserting the rice. EEK. Keep vacuum nearby. 

There is definitely a reason she is mostly naked when painting!


Cubbies with cuzzies!

Beads, beads, beads

Helping Mummy make dinner

Coloured rice! I don't think I have any "AFTER" photos!

Jelly! I hid some animals for her to find, and she still managed to eat ALOT.
Pretty party dress + puddle.
I don't religiously plan something every week for us to do, I keep a list of things I want to do mostly compiled from Childhood 101Play at Home Mum and The Imagination Tree and kind of pick something once a week (a little less lately - new baby is sucking the life out of me!).

Miss S is only 2 so she doesn't usually initiate any craft activity, but she is starting to so I will definitely be guided by her in the future.

Hope you see something here to inspire you!


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