Monday, 31 December 2012


I always have this excitement, fascination and anticipation of New Years Day.

What will the new year bring?

What can I achieve?

What will change?

How will I change?

What will the Kardashians do?

That last one is a bit of a joke (but seriously - did you hear Kim is preggers? OMG!) but I love thinking about how I have a clean slate and I can try things differently or even start new things!

I have written myself some little resolutions (I won't bore you with them all!) and a bucket list of sorts. The last year has gone so quickly and there were things I forgot to do!

The gist of my resolutions is to let go, have fun, live simply, live happily.

2013 has some big things in store for us.

We are planning a big move up the mountain (will be a complete change of lifestyle!), I am returning to study (but something new!) and we are going to work on growing our business together.

Today I sit in the sunroom of a beautiful little (still bigger than our house!) beach house in Wooli on the North Coast pondering, thinking and dreaming of what this year will bring.

Tomorrow we begin the drive back to reality and the hard work starts on trying to sell our house!

What exciting things do you have planned for 2013?

Linking up with Team IBOT today!

Welcome back everyone! x Great to see some new faces!


  1. I love the way you want to live in 2013, sounds perfect! This year will be all about patience for me, keeping it and finding more!

    Happy New Year!

  2. The only exciting plan I am making this year is going to digital parents conference. With big changes what I have learnt is just do it and don't sit their just thinking that this is what you want to do you just have to do it. Good luck with the move and selling your house. Have a great new year.

  3. I love the first day of a brand new year too.
    So many possibilities!
    All the best for 2013. Sounds like you have a big year planned! :)

  4. I have big hopes and plans for 2013, especially for the blog and my writing. Wishing you all the best for the year, sounds like a super exciting one for you

  5. I'm still working on my resolutions, but I'm dreaming big. Is Kim really pregnant to Kanye? I cannot believe that!

  6. Big year for you! We are making a huge move too - an exciting one, but a daunting one. Have a wonderful 2013 :)

  7. I'm not sure what I'm planning for 2013 yet. I really need to set myself some goals.
    Good luck with all your changes. Sounds exciting :)